A new flower has bloomed

As I explained in my last blog, the first time I met Neesan I thought she would be a very very very very sassy girl, u know like she is above everyone :P, but she is not. She is so COOOOOL!!!! And the little girls are too so sweet 😀 I could eat them up alive. Plus the Boss is so fashionable I would dress her up all day long and I would not mind, and she wouldn’t either :P. I like to see others being happy, I like to help and this is how I’m doing this. But enough of this, what I meant to do was this.  Show you the talents of these girls.

And because nothing is complete without a fan club, here is the promo for our little new born fan club.

We (VeVy Daniella and me) made a few more videos

But this is the official one made by Vevy

I hope we will gather many fans and I hope the girls are happy and I will support them from where I am and do whatever I can for them to see them smile, and to the BOSS happy too :D.


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