Fresh New Start

Today I give up my old blog and make another one, hoping that this one will not have so many issues like blogger had. The blog is half personal, and half dedicated to my new little sisters who are part of the first kpop girl band JUNNO GIRLS. I was with them since their arrival and I wish to stay with them and watch them grow and see their happy faces as Korea will be amazed that Europe is opened to new traditions. Since this is my first post and the ones I had on the former blog were lost, now I repost what was on my last blog.

 These are the fan club possible signs.


4 thoughts on “Fresh New Start

  1. Even thought I wish thing to rush and that the girls debut I know it take a lot of work and time to reach the level of our Kpop Idols … but everything is possible if you really wish it and work for it … so as one of the IRIS fan club member I will support the girls all the time ! Good Luck and JUNNO GIRLS fighting !!!

    P.S. Nee-chan I really hope that you can recover you lost posts from the other blog !! Gambatte !

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