Working hard!

This post is dedicated to US! That is to VeVy, Ioana (with the cool NIKON) 😀 :X and me  :P. VeVy came to my place and we started to exchange videos and photos and then Ioana came and we started to watch the videos and then edit them. We counted the seconds and the minutes where we had to cut them so we could link videos together. Ioana and me watched the videos while Vevy edited some photos to make collages. We had a break to eat because we worked so hard. We have facebook page where we post everything related to Korea, here it is Please like the page and support us.

Thinking spot on the bud(dh)a :))

Working hard (Japan in the background)

 And soon I will post the videos when the girls are working with Jang Geun Seuk in the background and then another video with w-inds.

This is the video with Jang Geun Seuk. 😛

and this one is with the girls working with Japanese music in the background 😛


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