A resume for this last week : everything happened so fast, I barely had time to think thing over. They just POOF want it in seconds. Well I have to tell you to WAKE UP TO REALITY! THINGS ARE NOT DONE IN SECONDS! 🙂 or weeks. Things like these take time. 🙂 as a sum up, on 16th of may was my B’day. Such a b’day, that I had rather not have it. All was fine until night came and I had to talk things over with someone… and Why? Because SOME FANS DON’T LISTEN AND DON’T DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD! but that’s another thing to tell….what annoys me worst is the fact that they are not honest, and they don’t say things in YOUR FACE! whatever, like I care! My exams are approaching and I’m crying over stupid things,over things they don’t give a shit ABOUT! 🙂 Whoever will read my blog, will understand what I’m talking about here. 🙂 I only hope that the real people behind all of this MESS (cause this is what this shit is) will WAKE UP some day and realize that some things are not supposed to be there, or at least not now. 🙂


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