We just finished the project for LONELY of 2ne1, a k-pop girl band, the team of did a cover for this song. I was with the behind the scene, VeVy is the director, Yoana is assisstent director, and Lox is the main character alongside with our super cute and hot main (and only) male character. I will not give away the name of our guy, because we have to keep it H-I-M-T-S-U. 😀


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And this is the official page for SMTOWN in ROMANIA!


One thought on “YEY!!! IPHONE IS A STAR!

  1. You have a Asian male or guy ,my gosh so good to see interethnic bonds in this little vid .I know you wont revel who is the guy ,he has a great tatoo and it’s cute, congratulations girls!

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