Japan ONLY

As I said on my Facebook, Japan is my first love, and the only country that did not show me a bad attitude, as Korea did. Every person I have talked to, from Japan, always showed kindness, and optimism, even encouraged me when I was feeling down. Contrast to Korea, which is a country filled with internal war, on psychological level, or religious, people tend to be too STRICT! I mean, for crying out loud, the entertainment is a KILLER! But, ne….that’s life. 🙂 They said they were first, I’m sorry to say that, but for me, JAPAN was and forever be FIRST! IN EVERYTHING! Second comes China, which is a strong country, and I will think about Korea. It disappointed me a lot. I don’t trust Korea any more.

Returning to my initial title. Japan ONLY, because there is like another world, I feel safe, I feel dreamy, I feel as if I’m in heaven. Maybe I got too obsessed or maybe I don’t want to see the bad side of Japan, but my heart is stolen already by Japan. And when kpop started to run my life, I soon forgot about my first love. This is what made me think : I’m a student at foreign languages and literature English Japanese; what am I doing with Korea???? So I tried to leave it. I couldn’t. I was too obsessed with it. But something happened that showed me the true face of Korea. And that is how I realised that I was wrong to follow Korea and leave behind Japan. That was a lesson in my life.

Returning to my love, my ONE TRUE LOVE, I feel much better :D. And I hope things will continue to improve.

Life has ups and downs, but this doesn’t mean I have to make it a tragedy… So, ganbarimasu!!! Ja NE! :*


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