Maybe you wonder how does it feel to be home after an absence of 3 months…Well, it feels AWESOME! Last night I got drunk with my crazy sister 😀 :))) and we listened to songs till 2 AM in the morning =)) on the SPEAKERS! Now I’m writing from my MOM’s laptop, cause mine is back there. And DAMN THOSE BEATS! HALLO HALLO HALLO!!! OMG! CAN’T TAKE MY EARS OFF THEM!

To sum up, it’s nice to be home!!!!!!!!! But unfortunately, I have to get back to pass my last exam, and then, we I return, to start working, and then to save up some money and spend some GOOOOD TIME STUDYING! Cause I have some exams which I failed…. 😦 But I will pass them, NO MATTER WHAT!!!!! I WANT TO HAVE gOOd GRADES AND TO PROVE THAT I CAN dO SOMETHING BETTER THAN WHAT OTHERS THINK OF ME! 😉

BYE BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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