Well, you should try them! Actually it’s only one JELLY and she is sooooooooooooooo おいしい that you can’t get enough of her! I would listen to her an infinite times all day long,  no matter the hour! I love IT! listen to this


and you should taste this one also, is the HOT NOW!!! BOOM RATATATATATA TATATA_- TATATATA -TATATATA!

and if you must really take ur midnight pill to go and fall asleep with an angel voice in ur head, u should definitely listen to this one

or this one…..her JAPANESE IS KANPEKINA!!!!

one more try and then I will reveal to you who this WONDERFUL JELLY IS 😀  😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

<<<< this is for ALL THE VIPS!!!

I hope you all like this DELICIOUS JELLY, because I am listening to her voice and I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW STUPID SOME PEOPLE CAN BE!!!! She was at a show and they REFUSED HER!!!! IDIOTS!!!! THIS IS WHY ROMANIA IS LAST IN EVERYTHING! THIS IS WHY ROMANIA IS OWNED BY OTHERS, like FRANCE! Or let’s take some other time to chit chat about this, now as I said I want to introduce to you ANDA LUVKPOP! SHE IS OUR NUMBER 1 JELLY!!!!!!!!!!

She is ANDA, a normal 22 years old girl, living in Ploiesti, a city next to Bucharest, the capital city of our BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY ROMANIA!(skip the beautiful part, it’s full with stupid leaders) 😀 :P. OK, NEXT STEP!

Our Jelly has the voice of an angel! And I am not overreacting! It’s the NAKED TRUTH! She is Cancer, that means ambition, she listens to KPOP 90% of her time, and JPOP 10% of her time. She likes Korea and Japan and she wants to visit them one day. Her time is spent, dancing, listening to music, surfing the net, especially on TWITTER, hunting me down ( LOL) that’s something funny to say. During her free time she goes out with her friends having fun drinking some coke, watching Kdramas and Jdoramas :D. In 3 years’ time maybe she can visit South Korea and why not, be a singer in one of the biggest companies in SKorea. 😀

All in ALL, Jelly is a girl who is blessed from above and by posting this, I want to show the WORLD what REAL TALENTS are MADE OF! And how REAL TALENTS SHOULD SING! 😉

I hope I made myself CLEAR in what I meant to say!

I will say it: IN UR FACE C&B because you don’t know how to treat people ;). Music cannot be made over night! Covers cannot be played EXACTLY THE SAME! But looks like someone is SMILING upon our JELLY and wants her to become a voice for ROMANIA! 😉

Hope you enjoyed my article! Soon other posts 😀


3 thoughts on “JELLIES! WANT SOME?!

  1. oh but why did you have to put the Number 1 video?=))))))))) it was like a year ago…ah so embarrassing!>.< =)))))))))))

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