As usual…..

I fail in keeping things in a good matter, actually I get things torn apart….Shakespeare said well : “Life’s but a shadow…” It is indeed. What do we accomplish? Nothing! We are born, we live, we feel loved or hated, or feel nothing at all, and then what? We DIE! So what is the purpose of life in general? Can someone please explain to me? I’m a bit stupid….I know nothing of the sort….all I know is how people abuse me, and how my mind and heart are slashed into pieces and I am trying to puzzle it up back, but I can’t seem to make any progress, even worse, I keep falling in the wrong direction…. Maybe this is my entire life…to be a failure in everything and not to be able to understand the world I am living in….

That is why I wish… I hadn’t come in this life form….it was better if I were a snake, or whatever else, anything else, but human! Maybe I am made for suffering… not for love….


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