Can’t take it anymore!!!!

I feel like going insane!!!All day long I did nothing but stare into my laptop, at these gorgeous beings, who live in JAPAN!!! I keep telling myself, that one day I will DEFINITELY go and visit Japan, or even stay there. My mind is full of thoughts that would scare most of those who don’t know me.

My obsession for Japan began in high school  and since then I devoured ANYTHING , but mostly anime (cartoons) related to Japan. I have books of Japanese authors, I have watched every possible movie, horror, action, romance, even PINKU (erotic), I can’t get enough of JAPAN!!! Seriously, this is getting me very annoyed!!!!

Why are all the goodies, the most handsome men in the world living in Japan? 😦 😦

I really want to hold a guy, and embrace him, just like in a drama….not to mention a kiss…pff…I think after that, I could die happy 😀 smiling and thinking that I got to have a Japanese boyfriend….but….that’s not gonna happen anytime soon….so, I have my dreams….

I’m watching Hana Yori Dango, season 2. Ja ne!


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