I cancelled facebook cause I see no use of it…No need to feel sorry…I just need a time off….and I just need to be alone, disconnected from everything. So I shut my phone off, I will not be online on messenger, neither on skype. If anyone wants to see me or talk with me it will have to be through my sister or my mom.

Although, I feel I want to be alone, to cry my heart out and let my tears fall interminably…. so I won’t be listening to no one… My loneliness is my own happiness… cause this is who I am … a lonely, stupid, yet sometimes sly SNAKE! Snakes are dangerous, venomous, at times, and could kill you in a second.

Please stay away from me….I find myself to be alone, and that’s ok with me… I am shutting/closing every door for everyone. No one is allowed to come in!


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