JHorror marathon

Last night I watched with my sister a sick Japanese horror movie :D, but I loved it!!! I like how the horror movies are made, and this particularly one film left me with a sour taste, literally :D. The movie is called Reincarnation or 輪廻 (Rinne) by director Takashi Shimizu. It is very interesting because the movie has another movie in itself based on a true series of events that took place in 1975, the 40th year of Showa, or so they say. It is interesting how in the end, everyone dies, except for the one character who viewed the film which was caught on camera by the murderer back in ’75. A very disturbing movie, and spooky. I love it!!!!! I think tonight I will watch another one :D. Let’s see how many hours can I handle horror time. 😀


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