It seems I will not forget Korea that easily. Well, at least not about the people who truly have talent and want to be someone. Like this girl for instance. I wrote about her in the past, and those days I had the most viewed post ever. :)) It’s funny how a real voice with real talent cannot get the opportunity to reach her dreams, while others are sacrificed and yelled at and have to work over hours, in order to achieve what? What someone could do it very easily. 🙂 My opinion is they should give up now, cause if they continue, they might destroy their lives. That’s why I gave up writing about anything related to them.

But my post is not about them, it’s about a golden voice who isn’t discovered yet by those who need to see it. YET! Her name is Anda and she has many covers but this is her latest cover. I hope u like her voice and I hope she wins the contest. 🙂

Good luck and don’t give up hope! Someday someone may see you for your real talent ! :*


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