On a dark night, with a full bright moon, the sound of the waves can be clearly heard as they sit on the beach caressing each others faces…..He had a baby face, and she was like a Barbie doll (meaning she was FAKE). Skip that. She was nice. She was cool. She was his IDEAL TYPE!

Can you guess who might he be? Here’s a clue> once there 5, now there are 3 and 2 of them. Who IS IT?


Back to the story. Caressing each others’ faces he stares at her…He touches her softly whispering in her ear that he wants to feel her warmth….that he wants to know more about her….she accepts his proposal….and gives herself to him…He is very tall, slim, but well built. He has nice legs, almost like shaved, no hair on his chest, as well as his hairdo is cool, like a lion’s mane….accepting his invitation, she kisses him deeply on his neck, leaving him a small sign….while he embraces her violently, and like from nowhere, throws her into his bed, just like that PUFF! She is a little dizzy, but she doesn’t care what happens next, cause this is what she dreamt of her entire life while keeping an eye for him and taking care of him during concerts and tours. He ripped off her clothes and his clothes and took care of the little business he was tormented by for years…. His sweat was cold as ice, her breathing was hard as if she was near death, his voice….was not human….was like a lion in heat….rawring from pleasure….she was welcomed in PLEASURELAND :D, where he was the King and she was meant to be her QUEEN……

All the while, a little girl, in a little poor country, was dreaming of this King, ALL HER LIFE! And she hoped that one day she would get the chance to go to him and tell him how she feels for him and bla bla bla (u get the point) > Now, her predictions were NEVER wrong, so one night she had a vision of going to him and meeting him….well, guess what! That vision actually got REAL, and she went to where he lived…..in a far away land S.K. filled with hotties 😀 :>. As soon as she reached this land, she met him by chance, but she couldn’t say a word to him as he was very well guarded and there was no chance of getting him ALONE! So she waited outside, she presented herself as a very addicted fan that wanted his autograph. She was told by the staff(the staff being the chick he just raped) :D, she was told that he had a meeting now and he is very busy, so not today she will not see him, but maybe tomorrow….So she waited for him to appear the next day….but she got the same response….for 2 weeks she got the same usual answer ( >:) ) >”He is busy right now, I can’t bother him, he’s in a meeting” the staff representative said. So, this little girl, plucked up all the courage she could get, and followed him, stalked him to his apartement. There she saw him in the shadow, his slim configuration, his line of the jaw were PERFECT, shining in the moonlight…She swore to herself that she MUST talk with him….and so she did!



M>”Hello!!! Can I speak with you for a moment?”

H>”What? Who are you? What are you doing here?Security!!! Please remove this person from sight!!!”

She didn’t even get a chance to explain herself, for in the next few minutes she found herself on her way to her room in the hotel she was staying, a few blocks away from his apartement…. “What the heck is wrong with this guy??? I must try again, and again,” and so forth, she thought….

The next 4 days were HELL, because she got kicked outside everytime she wanted to speak with him. ” DAMNIT! WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM??Or is it me??? Am I that UGLY? that he doesn’t even wanna see my face? AHH!!! I must use my last chance to see him before I go back home..”

The final day had arrived, she at last found him alone and managed to persuade him to listen to what she wanted to tell him..

M>”Finally I get to meet you and talk with you, and what do you do? You forever call the security to throw me away like I’m some trash!!! Am I that ugly, that annoying that you don’t wanna see me? Tell me please, I waited so long to meet you and talk with you, that I can barely talk and keep myself on my feet!!!”

H>”I’m sorry, but unless you are from the press, or someone from AVEX, I have nothing to talk with you, especially with YOU! How dare you treat me like that? How dare you think of me like THAT??? Do you have any idea how humiliating that is??? I never wanna see your face EVER AGAIN!! LEAVE NOW, before it gets REAL UGLY!” And then he left, leaving the girl with her eyes and mouth wide open like she saw a ghost, or HITLER, that is the way he treated her, like an OUTCAST…..She could not believe her eyes and ears, that her LION, her KING, her CHANGMIN was this CRUEL and SELFISH and a JERK! She wanted to cry untill death, she wanted to jump off the building….but then she thought….what did he mean by “treating him like that, thinking of him like that”?Hmmm….she stayed for another hour or so thinking what could have gone wrong…..Her heart was now in pieces, her dreams shattered along the island he lived on, and her mind was blank. She just got back home when she suddenly receives a phone call from an unknown number but with a familiar voice:V>”I hope you liked your trip in Korea, your dreamland, dear little IMOUTO, and I  hope you got to confess your love for him…..E? Are u there? Well, don’t answer me, I know already what happened….I predicted EVERYTHING! Have a nice summer vacation and good luck on your FAILED EXAM!”

Then she realised…..It was all fake….It was all to make her suffer…..and the job was damn right DONE! 🙂


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