What’s her name?

  Foreword: >>> Just so you know, this story is not mine, it belongs to my crazy, idiotic, OBSESSED imooto, Myrunnaaa >>>http://savapovestesc.blogspot.com/2011/08/poveste-porno-pentru-hatsu.html<<< there is the link to her blog. I am just translating it, into English, and I just gave it a name…. The content of the story remains intact.


For two months I keep drowning in a glass of pepsi. For two months I keep smoking the same cigarre. For two months I don’t feel anything. For two months I keep looking for pleasure. For two months I stopped thinking. For two months I lock myself in the dark loneliness of my mind. For two months I keep my eyes starred on the ceiling. For two months I’m lifeless.

In a cold room  with peeled walls, a round wooden table and a plastic chair you lay still on the old bed. The diffused sun rays are lost on your naked body. From your temple goes down to your neck and breasts a drop of sweat. Breathe heavily and each time when you breathe out mist comes out from your small  and round nostrils. Your lost gaze plays on the filthy ceiling. “Does she remember? Does she know how we met? Does she know who she is?” I think watching you and sipping from the glass with liquor. A sour taste awakens my senses and I throw the little glass object. Being smashed into the wall it becomes small pieces of crystal glass. Becoming aware of my action you move your gaze into my eyes.
– Bleah. They are dumb. It’s like they put mineral water instead of alcohol in these bottles.
– Varnelli again?
– Yes.
– I told my old man to talk with those dumbasses …
– Your old mans’ dead for five years. When the heck have you talked with him? When your mom made you?
– No…when he was taking his last breath he asked me for a glass of Varnelli and before I pass it on to him I had a taste of it and told him it tastes like shit.
– And?
– And then he died.
– He  had got mad at you.
– Maybe. My mom said it’s the marijuana….
– Your mom’s stupid. She doesn’t know that every time your Dad sent you for the packages you kept three quarters of the stuff.
– I wonder what she’s doing?
– She’s thinking of  burring that old decrepit too.
– You think?
– I’m certain of  it. When it’s day she’s doping him with viagra and at night she fucks the soul out of him.
With a distorted face you start to laugh. “Would you do the same?”

A month ago I met you one night at the bus station. It was raining and you were running barefoot, like mad. I was standing and looking curiously at you. You looked like a little child lost from his mother. You noticed me and you came next to me.
– Are you the one with the cheese puffs? you screamed into my ear as if I were deaf.
– What did you sniff up, you lunatic? Now you see theme parks sliding down the buses?
–  A…it’s not you…
You wanted to leave but something inside me grabbed your hand and held you back.
– Where are you running to? Don’t you see it’s raining?
– I’m made from a material water resistant. Nothing will happen to me. with a sexy look you winked at me.
– Girl, I don’t know what you got doped with, but it’s not fit for you. Come with me! Without hesitating you started walking behind me.

In an hour we were in a small old hollow. It looked like the war just ended. On the walls there were scribbled all kinds of signs and different names. The electric bulb did not hare too much light.
It annoyed me the way you stayed there, in the middle of the room and looking after me. You did not smile, did not ask questions and you did everything I said.
– I don’t have other clothes o you’ll stay with those you have on you.
– I told you I am …
– Yeah, yeah, an water resistant material. Are you stupid? Don’t you see you are soaking wet? I yelled without taking my eyes off  from the window. You looked frightened at me and started to get undressed.  The clothes you threw on the floor made a small pool of water.
– The floor will get swollen. you informed me.
I turned to look at the pile of material which laid down but on her way the look met your naked body which now was staying relaxed on the char. Without realising it I had started to bite my lower lip “SHIT!” I sworn in my mind.
– You like it, not? I want to inform you it’s 100% made in Romania!
– It can be seen. You’re full of scratches.
I started to analyse your body. Your waist was small and slender. A long neck and damn sexy. “A thread of red blood would look great there.” Small breasts, neither big, nor small, perfect as to fit my palms. Long legs with lots of scars on them.
– Where did you get that from? I asked you pointing to a scar on your knee.
– Some wire got into my flesh when I was little.
– And there was a lot of blood?
– YES! My Mom was so scared because she thought that they will cut it at the hospital, but she got over it when she saw the trail of blood I left on the carpet.
I had wetted my lips by crossing my tongue over them. “How good it must have looked on you”.

After that night I thought I would never see you again. Yet now you sleep on the grey bed-sheet. Looking at your closed calm eyes I realise that not even today I don’t know your name. I light a cigar and I get lost in thoughts.

After a week you got back maddened. The black eye make-up was messed up until the lips from tears. You had big, dimmed, red eyes.
– Again you smoked from blacks? I asked you coldly having another smoke from the cigar.
– He died! He died! you started to yell like a madcap.
– I told you that your dad passed away five years ago. How many times should I remind you?
– No stupid! Not dad! Mom!
– Meh, you took again from those blacks. Your mom I just saw an hour ago in the corner of Dorobanti, jerking off a cripple.
Hearing my words you stopped crying and came next to me. You sat on your knees and putting your hands on my lap you asked me :
– I should not take from them, right?
– NO! I told you the bastards put only shit in those bags. Your old man had his ties, he did not take from anyone.     After five minutes of a gloomy silence you lifted your look and started to caress my cheek.
– I missed you… and not finishing your sentence I started to kiss you.
“If only you knew how much I missed you…” Not separating our lips I took you into my arms and led you to the bed. I placed you carefully and I lowered my lips on your neck.
– I see it’s healed. A little too quick. I whispered.
I upped my lips back on your soft, juicy lips. “Ah! They are so sweet!”
With  my right hand I unbuttoned your shirt and threw it down. Leaving your mouth I started to suck on your left nipple, the other one massaging it slowly. In a few moments they became hard as if asking for attention.
– Where’s the glass? Take the glass! you barely got to say through your lowered moans.
I got up, I went to the table, I took the small glass and smashed it to the table until a bigger shard remained out of  it. I came close to the bed and licking the piece of shard I asked you:
– Where do you want today?
You started to move your hand all over your body showing me the places. I stopped next to you and with a serious face I looked at your jeans. Understanding the message you took off your jeans and underwear without hesitation.
– Mmm. You got wet so much? you covered your face which was already red and was burning.
I leaned over you and with the shard in my hand I started to slowly cut your soft skin of your neck, arms and abdomen. Your moans got me excited so much… I threw away what was supposed to be a glass and started to lick your wounds  sucking all the blood. Reaching your most sensitive place, the lower part of the abdomen, you started to moan louder.
– Ah…please! you said almost crying.
You put your palms over my head and led me to your crotch. It was so pink and wet…impossible to be unseen. It was shouting with all her might “Fuck me!”.
I licked your surroundings ad then I went to your sensitive spot. With the tongue I started playing with it, clinging my earring on it. Seeing, through your moaning, that I can go further, I inserted my finger in your most holy place. I started to rub it, first slowly, then descending, faster, to the walls’ of your cave. I inserted my second finger, moment in which you started screaming with pleasure. Small drops of sweat started running from your forehead. Your hands were clinged to the bed-sheet. Because of the extasy you arched your back, rising your chest and started to move your hips madly. after a few minutes you screamed, that the window almost got smashed. A wave of pleasure crossed your body, making it to shiver.
Taking my fingers out, you started to relax.

-Again you dream of the eternity of the soul?
Your voice woke me up from dream, dropping my cigar from my hand.
– When did you wake up?
– About five minutes ago. you answered getting off the bed. You circle around the room looking for clothes.
– Where are you going?
– My mom asked me to get her more Nibrole.
– I told you not to take from the blacks. Am I talking alone here?
– Ah, forget it cause you take from them too.
– You’re stupid, fuck you.
– I know. That’s why you love me.
You kissed my forehead and left slamming the door behind you. “Ah… I forgot again to ask her what’s her name.”


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