Rising……voice….from Romania

Hmmm…. I think I wrote about this voice a long time ago…. (when I was a crazy Korea fan) 😀 :)), now I’m writing only to say and show (AGAIN) to the world that ROMANIA has a voice! And that voice is called ANDA 😀 and the rest I think you know. But if you don’t, let me tell you again: she is 22 years old, her star sign is Cancer, known for fighting to achieve their goals; she’s from Ploiesti, and likes to eat gummy bears, sweet candy and sweet worms…what else…oh, and she likes very very very VERY MUCH KOREA and the KOREAN CULTURE! This being said, I really hope the HIGHER UPS WILL READ THIS TIME tHe RIGHT POST AND WILL TAKE IT INTO ACCOUNT for a possible WIN for ANDA! GOOD LUCK GIRL!!!!


2 thoughts on “Rising……voice….from Romania

  1. wow…thank you so much for the post!!!<3<3<3<3 although the dancing sucks..i hope at least the song cover is good enough :)) ARIGATOU!!!^.^

    • ehhh, the dancing was awesome too :X 😀 😛 Me loved it 😀 :> 😀 and I hope the HIGHER UPS WILL DO THE SAME!!! 😀 :)) 😀 if not, it’s their loss. 😀 but I think they will notice this time 😀 that you have a golden voice 😀 😀

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