Windows 7

YEYY!!!!! Fresh new windows on my fresh new LAPTOP DELL INSPIRON 1525 ❤  *LOVE* *LOVE * *LOVE*Totally dazed about my laptop……and about my windows.
Nothing new with me….just the same usual stuff….school, home, home, anime or movies…. I just realized that I can have the chance to go to Japan, yet the plane ticket is still expensive and I can’t afford going there….so there is no meaning in me having a passport….cause I will not use it …not this year anyway…nor the next one….maybe in a next life….just maybe…..
What else can I say I did this last few weeks….nothing much….I just finished seeing some HD/BLURAY movies, like AVATAR, or HARRY POTTER…..and I want to see more….but lately I have seen anime…which is fine by me, but I have to get ready to STUDY seriously!!!! Or else I’M DEAD! 😀 :))))


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