Gratitude – the list

I’m grateful to :

–  my PARENTS for having me born on this Earth, in this country, in this city;
– my FRIENDS, who accept me as I am and speak with me and understand me with all my flaws;
– my SISTER, who many times has been a real help when I didn’t know what to do or how to act in some situations;
– my FATHER, who is very brave for letting me stay here all by myself, sending me money, without asking what I do here, with the only wish that I will finish my university in good grades and somewhere in time I will have my license;
– my HANATA, whom I call this way, because in Japanese it means sometimes ” MY DEAR”, who is my best friend since childhood, and now I have just realized that I miss her because I stopped communicating with her;
-my USAGI, whom I call also my ANGEL, because she has big BLUE EYES and BLONDE HAIR just like an angel, and HELPED ME UNCOUNTABLE TIMES, for which I will forever be indebted to her;
– my WIFE, the person who understands my crazy status and ego and supports me just the way I am, although she is younger than me, she has the mind of a wise person;
– my SQUIRREL, HER FLUFFINESS, a very dear friend who brings a smile on my face, and calms me down whenever I feel down or just when I’m not myself, she reminds me that we are all in continuous relation with the universe;
-my MOMMIES, MOMMY SHIN&MOMMY GABY, who last summer received in their homes (Mommy SHIN), though they have children and jobs, they still found time to chat and share with me their world;
– GOD/the ENERGY that all of us are made, because it let me discover things that I never knew I would be so passionate about….
This is just for people. But now I have to think about the things I am grateful about…So…. I think I am grateful FOR:
-the house I am living in (both home and the capital city)
-the laptop on which I have all my memories stored in and the only one who knows my emotional states
-the pillow I have for 3 years and all the rest that I have collected through these years
-being accepted into groups of people, although I sometimes may seem weird and lonely
-being able to have friends that truly understand me (or maybe is just my impression) and being there when I need them
-the music that great artists have made
-the very existence of the continent of ASIA – particularly for JAPAN (cause I cannot imagine a world without dramas or music, or comedies or cherry blossoms or kimonos)
-the weather outside that keeps getting hotter day by day and soon I will be able to wear shorts outside my apartment
-the grades I got in my first year at this university, and now I strive to get back on the floating line
I am grateful for many other things, but I can’t seem to know which ones should I mention here…anyway…it’s just a list, right? No harm done.


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