will you be there…..

will you still be there if I come back?
will you wait for me? will you still feel the same way? can I trust you entirely? can I trust that you will not break my heart?

will you be able to stay like this in my absence? am I not just a simple feeling which can be overcome and replaced? just like others used me and threw me over, and never looked for me….. can I really trust you? will you be my forever friend and more to me…. [ ? ] my heart and soul are crying for the time that will come …. and it will not be a pretty sight…… I feel like slipping away, I want to runaway and never look back, I want to be invisible….and only those who really care for me to see me….I cannot take the tears away…they only flow more and more and more……… What can I do? well, it doesn’t matter that much…. I’m nobody, and I’m useless and I need to stop living….I have no purpose….my entire life is a failure….everyone sees me like that, except a few people…. my mind is in different places and different universes… for I am not to be living in this place anymore…….


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