I have been to Bucharest for 2 weeks now I am back. Well, I got back a week ago, so now I will update my blog with what I have been doing during the last couple of weeks of my life.

1. Officially I am going to the Nijikon party in November 😀
2. I have cut all of my relations with the one I thought is my best friend in the entire world.
3. I have finally been to a club in Bucharest ( but it was full of junkies) yet I had fun cause I was with my girls.
4. I am using the Sony Ericsson, not the Iphone anymore
5. I got 3 marriage proposals 😀  ( LOL)
And….And…and…. I cancelled some accounts and now I have Twitter, Facebook and Interpals.

OH!!! I forgot to mention, Mommy gave me a great idea, to lose some weight 😀 And I DID!!!! From 89kg, I got to 85 :D. In only 2 weeks :D. And now I am still struggling to lose some more :D. Until I reach 80kg 😀 or around 78-75 😀
Anyway, my life got better. I almost got rid of unwanted spots on my face, and I feel a bit lighter :D. I got out with my sisters and shout at nice guys  (LOL) it was my other sisters’ idea. I got a new anime in my series to watch. I finished KUROKO NO BASUKE-, and ACCEL WORLD, and I started a new series REBORN – KATEIKYOUSHI HITMAN, CODE BREAKER, and I am almost done with the KINGDOM series……..though it starts to get a bit boring………grrr….anyway….I think this is all….oh wait….no…. => it’s not all = > When I went out on a Saturday with my wifie ShioriD, I happened to meed my ex-wife  (LOL) =)) but she did not see me, and she did not say anything to me….and that hurt me a little….ok, and I admit I AM JEALOUS OF HER! Because she can interact with everyone I dislike and wish to see dead…. But too bad for her she will never find a guy to match her tastes and personality …. 🙂

So I guess this ends today’s post.

Let me develop.

One marriage proposal was from a guy who lied to me that he was from Canada, but in fact he was from the United Arab Emirates, the other guy was from France and last guy was from Vietnam..hmmm… I guess I declined all of them……. or thinking about one of them…. Why should I refuse? Because I am not certain of their sincerity, nor their situation or families….The thing is I have seen many girls who just go away and never come back. (Not that I am afraid) But I don’t want to go in unknown places. France is a country I dislike a lot, and (call me racist) I HATE ARABIC COUNTRIES and their people. And Vietnam looks very poor, and with problems….so…hm….I don’t know…


One thought on “Recently….

  1. i think im also a crazy… i feel so strongly that im having a boy. im 27 weeks and we decided not to find out the sex of the baby, just for the excitement of the surprise. i cant bring myself to buy anything pink, and i also find myself telling people “oh sometimes i think girl and sometimes i think boy” because im afraid to let them know its actually a boy and ruin the surprise (even tho i dont actually know) i hope that makes sense.

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