….S.K…. doramas

Ok, maybe this is not actually the best idea that I have in my life, but here it is : SOUTH KOREA has SMOKIN’ guys….DAMN!!!!!! Why wasn’t I born somewhere around ASIA? HUH? HUH? HUH?!

I hate this life that I have because I can do nothing right. I have so many things to worry about, but I shrivel inside myself and watch ALL DAY LONG dramas, and I do not eat, or sleep, nor study.

This may come as a shock, but…. I think South Korea is almost on number one, in LOOKS in MEN….aaaahhhhhh…… WAE!~!    _|_ this life…..


I have this feeling that I cannot shake up, or take it outside…. Is it because I drank almost 4-6 cups of coffee (coppi-

コーヒー )… damn, this is too much…. so last I remember I screwed up Korea and chanted for Japan……well, this time, I chant for both….aaaaaand this is something : NANDE AV Japanese actors are more sexy than normal ones……ok, forget it, then => Korean male actors….are…..EYECANDY DAMNIT!!! I couldn’t concentrate on the damn theme, for as much as I drooled on my keyboard (hahahaha) …. not quite, but anyway, that was the feeling…


IN STYLE! – is the name of the drama I watched for the last 5 days, and today was the last day, and it almost made me cry (of happiness, sadness?!) , anyway, it was aWESOME! Too bbad for the poor Doc….aish….he was sooooo yummy… 😀 why are women so stupid and chose the younger ones, instead of someone with experience, and a bit older (say 3-4 years difference) ….ehh…never mind…he was ok in the end….  and guess what, I STILL CAN’T TAKE A BREATH cause I wanna watch ANOTHER one …..


I SERIOUSLY LOST MY MIND!!! (frustration much) 😀 though … I have no option but to write here what’s on my mind, or on Facebook, or just keep it to myself, but since blogging is the new trend I think I shall oblige too the fashion set by the society.


Why crazy? Answer :  because I cannot sleep at night! WHY?  Answer :  BECAUSE I DRANK TOO MUCH COFFEE!!!

WAE?! OTOKE!!! EE!!! Because I wanted to drool as much as I can, now, because I should get back to STUDYING……. though my mind wanders in foreign places such as Japan and Seoul (why, cause there are hot stuff) …well…my frustration is too much of obvious, but I don’t care…… It’s who I am…….


OKAY!  NANDE~~~ I want a sweetie pie too… I am human too, right? I have the right to have a nice healthy life…. But why can’t I? For three months, I am on DRY LAND (if you get my point), but that’s life, cause here there is nobody for me, made especially to fit for me… EH! Whatever!

So, I heard I could move MOUNTAINS with some simple words :)) (that’s a laugh) HAHAHAHA! (no, not really). Probbably asking what the hell I am blabbering about here…Well, there was a time when I HAD THE POWER to BRING DOWN people…though now, that power has left me….or is it still here?


Fuck this,I got inspiration! What the fuck?! (LOL) Ok… I’m out of ideas…
Well, not really, but if I continue it will become a blog of porn stuff (LOL)  => FRUSTRATION MUCH!?!~ Hehehehehe…







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