After a long, long time, money wasted, times and energy as well, I finally came to graduate the university I planned to finish… I can only think of one thing : THANK YOU DEAR PARENTS FOR SUPPORTING ME, AND THANK YOU DEAR FATHER FOR ALWAYS PROVIDING FOR ME WITH MONEY, because if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have finished this high level of education. Also, I want to thank my friends who morally supported me and who were always there for me…



                           THANK YOU


Besides this fact, I would also like to thank the Chief Secretary who always told me my grades, and supported me as well, and treated me kindly. Also, I was thinking on bashing out this university because of its teachers who are very bad with us students and treat us like shit (sometimes). I will skip that part, because I don’t want to hear words about me spreading the bad word about them (though I honestly don’t give a fuzz), so, yeah, I wanna say THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU OUT THERE!

Beware if you go to this university, don’t try the Japanese branch, get another language to learn, but not this one. Try everything else, but not this one. I strongly advise against this one because if you really want to learn something, it’s better you do it on your own. I don’t know, I’m just ranting about now….




I’m just happy that I got rid of it…for now….next year in summer I will take the final exam to be a REAL graduate of this university and then I can find my REAL CALLING…..anyway, I’m just happy, so happy my stomach can’t take it…


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