New life, new friends (old friends)…new love (?)

So here I was on the internet, one day, when I suddenly see a profile…. and that profile was a former classmate of mine, whom I never thought I will ever see again.  She is a very lovely girl, kind and full of life. Her voice is her treasure, her eyes are the keys to know her, she has an aura which makes one approach her and talk to her very freely and easily… very friendly and this made me realize that I am not alone in this town, in this world.
After talking with her, we decided to meet, but something came up and I couldn’t go so I felt very bad about it and sad at the same time. It’s true, I’m not lying…. but then again, a few days ago, after I came back from the seaside, I watched a few videos on youtube, and I stumbled upon one of her video, so I listened and I liked it. Then, I saw on Facebook an event taking place here, in my city. I decided to go. The reason? Because fuck you, that’s why. :)) Anyway, she sent me a message on messenger, and we talked more and we met.  And it was AWESOME!!! I very much liked her voice, but, listening to her, singing LIVE, it was a new experience for me, as I have never heard a person, close to me, singing LIVE!!! 😀
Oh, and here’s a nice treat for those who like her. Her name is Maria Eftimie.


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