A prayer…

…has been answered….never thought I could find someone like you…never thought I could feel like this again, never thought I would want to keep on living just to be with you… You have exorcised the evil in me, you have redeemed me and showed me the light and goodness that there is around me… You…are….my ANGEL….and I wish to stay with you forever and I want to make you happy, never to disappoint you, though my past may be inconvenient to you, yet you accepted me as I am. I want to thank you for that and I want to thank you for making me feel this way.

Once, I was a dark, immature and stupid girl. I always believed what others told me, but never listened to my own family when they said that person was not meant for me. I have wasted 5-6 long years of my youth only to discover that I still have a heart, I still have a soul…and the one who showed me that I am still human, is you. Light, was just a word, love, was a foolish feeling that I thought is showed trough intimacy, but not now.
Love is when you want to see that person more and more.
Love is when you wish to stay just a little longer next to your soul-mate
Love is a feeling which nobody can describe in words.
Love is internal peace, your soul and mind is at peace with your inner conscience

My…love…is…something I cannot describe in words, but only through tears…though I am as happy as I could be…I know mustn’t cry, but I cannot stop the rivers flowing in me… it’s just the way I feel….maybe it’s the autumn depression, maybe it’s just my crazy imagination….but something tells me I must keep and protect my Guardian Angel. Because there is nobody better than him. Because I don’t want to find anyone else, I want to be complete, and he…completes me…

Mother told me this morning, that her prayers have been answered. Have they? If so, I want to thank God, too, because one prayer of mine has been answered as well. I’m not a religious person, I do believe in a higher, superior being, but that being is not the one described in the Bible. So, I just want to say : THANK YOU for being born, thank you for finding me and thank you for allowing me to stay with you……

I wish this love would never end and I wish this happiness to be eternal with no flaws and no fights and no one to disturb us. The past can go away, I have forgotten already everything that was bad in my life, I want to feel and live the present and I await with much ardor the future….


                     BY TSUKI


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