Talent = a natural ability to do something well. 
  This is the dictionary definition.  I would say that talent is an ability for those who are gifted and dedicated to do their best what they like. Some are musicians, some are dancers, some are painters, some are writers, but some have RAW TALENT and that is something that is worth being seen by the rest of the world. 

 The last couple of days, I have met such people, yet among them , one has caught my eye for good. Why? Because he had an impact that literally swept me off my feet. As people were performing, dancing, singing, free style rhyming, he had his own piece of the stage and the feeling he gave off was filled with emotions such as happiness and calmness. It was like I was struck by lightning, a short and intense energy filled me up. It was an unexpected feeling, something I never experienced before. 

He has been on the stage  since 1999, and he composed various lyrics for various artists (local artists), and he’s still composing music with emotions. As a person, he is someone who everybody wants to be friends with.   There should be a lot more to say, but given the fact I am presenting an artist, not my personal life, I’m resuming to this : He is a rapper, a hip-hopper, a writer, a singer, and last, but the  least important feature of his; a DANCER! 


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