do I even give a shit?! I mean, sure I love him and I care about him, but this doesn’t mean that I will be at his feet whenever he wants…. oh well….it will be the end of it soon enough… I can bet we won’t see Christmas or New Year together…. 😦 …. and all because … of me?!…. who cares?! well I care… well yea I know I am talking to myself right now, but who am I supposed to talk to… 😦 … I HATE CHANGES!!!! And it takes time for me to adapt and to understand certain situations… well he is quick to anger… nothing I can do…. ehh… it’s not like I didn’t kill my heart before… :)) I’m starting to get bored and I think I will give up… too much hassle, too much to take in and to give in and to compromise…. well that is not my style…… 🙂 and I won’t change my style for anyone. 🙂


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