I believe…

….in myself more… I believe I am more beautiful than ever, I believe I can do whatever I want and I can do those things better than most people….for example : I can write and speak grammatically correct in English. Others keep failing at doing that. The  Internet is filled with people who think they know English best, but in fact they’re so wrong that my eyes bleed and my heart cries and my ears are itching every time I see and hear bad English words.

But enough about grammar. What I wanted to state here is that I have regained my trust in myself. I am better, I believe in myself more than ever and I will keep on being truthful to the person who made me like this.  I just hope it will be the story of my life and it will never end. Or if it ends, it will be  with both of us embracing each other as we confess our love and our passion to the rest of the world.  I imagine it will be a shock to the rest of the world, but I don’t care, what I care is that I am more confident and I have someone beside who understands me and who cares a lot about me. And each and every time we meet he adds up to my level of confidence.

This is who I am. This is who I was. This is who I will forever be : INSANE in the MEMBRANE! And he ACCEPTS ALL OF ME!!!! ALL!!!! He doesn’t judge me, he doesn’t constrain me, he doesn’t hate me, he doesn’t preach me about anything! This is the main reason which makes me adore him much much more and upgrade him somewhere above the clouds, somewhere up where he deserves to stay….in my HEART!


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