Unfortunately…. I have a temper….and if someone doesn’t meet my terms I act! Rashly! I don’t think before I act! I just do! So, of course we’d have our differences, but he seemed he could handle me….that, until he deleted AGAIN my comment from his profile…..not to mention he has no relationship status related to me….ok. This was the last drop. I know I don’t live with the internet but he could at least be proud that he has someone beside him…. So, I acted rashly : I deleted him from my friends….and now I am waiting for a reaction, but he seems to not have one. I’ll go on with my schedule for today. That is to take a shower and then lazy around some more. 🙂
He asked me if I loved him…. I didn’t answer him….I don’t know my feelings….    But I know one thing : it’s either my way or no way!
When you love someone how do you comply with all his/her terms? Do you reach an agreement or you simply act on what you feel that moment?  I thought love was unconditional and caring and understanding….but I’m not like that….does this mean that I don’t love him? Then why am I together with him?   These questions torment me. I’d rather not answer them. But just in case….I feel passion for him….but I don’t know what love it’s supposed to be felt like….I guess it takes some time….to be collected there….and be felt….


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