…so alone… AGAIN

n-am scapat nici de data asta…… iar sunt abandonata fara veste…..adevarat eu am taiat primu fir intai, dar daca nu se poate relua sub nici o forma, inseamna ca nu a meritat din start si totul a fost o farsa si o joaca. o amintire dureroasa de o vara….si nu tu ai sa suferi, si nu tu ai sa plangi, ci tot eu sunt cea ranita cel mai rau si tot eu raman cu cicatrici pe veci. you guys never bother to care too much, you all want the same damn thing…… nights filled with love and that’s it…but when the time is hard and when you trip and fall, you fall and then kick the obstacle away….well, I tried my best to soothe you, but I am not good enough….and I thought I was gonna get away from tears, but it seems they follow me wherever I go and whenever I suffer like an idiot that I am…..I’m just depressed, alone, lonely, suffering and you do not care…..and nobody does….and nobody will….:((


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