Hehehehe…the wheel has turned…

…to show you how much of  no talent you got there…. :)) Honestly, this made my night shine brighter…. All those lies and all that fake smile on your face has gone back at you when the jury at XFACTOR  got 3 BIG NO!!! 😉

Here’s what I am talking about


I guess, talent isn’t going natural to everyone… :))

But I’m still laughing HARD!!!! =)))))))))))))))))

You got your job mixed up and tried to prove yourself….First, you should have tried better on your own, before you shamed yourself NATIONALLY! =)))))))))))))


If I were you, I’d DIE this instant! Of SHAME!!!! And I’d never go out in public. I’d change the town or the country…maybe the planet =)))))

How can you live like this?! Oh well, nothing lose here. Maybe, only the ‘respect’ you once had of your so-called ‘buddies’. ;))



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