Fan fiction – beware….Rated M – for mature content

If I had all the money in the world I would: first, travel around the world, then buy the Milka factory, and then lose myself in debauchery and unorthodox adventure.
Here’s how is gonna go: first eat all I can get my hands on, then hire the best trainer to get me in shape.
Next step, the party of the century: girls and boys will go side by side, each and every one of them with their own party. Girls, with a jacuzzi, dreaming of about nice guys with sculpted bodies… On the other hand, the guys are all tied up and blindfolded while their respective stripper girls are teasing them.
Now, on our side, we, girls are enjoying the show mister Magic Mike gives us with his crew. Tanned, sculpted bodies moving just to feast our eyes… We look but don’t touch, we tease them a little but that’s all….. On with what the guys are doing…. Ties up, teased a lot by the stripper chicks, we switch roles. The dancing girls come to this side and play around with the stripper guys… While we, go to our own sweethearts… And tease them more…. Each girl killing softly her man the way she sees fit….


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