can be very hard to make amends for them…..

I cried a little, I screamed inside….and I wanted to tell her how sorry I was…because she missinterpreted me and got it all wrong…..I only wanted to help…..but I guess this is what you get for trying to be a good person….you get yelled at and even fired (if I can say so, because I was not even employed, but eh..)…I didn’t even get to take my first salary…Way to go Andra! Nice! Keep it up like, you’re sure to get where you want: in HELL! Maybe that’s where I belong to!

I always wondered why the hell should I have been born….well….now I want to revert back to an embrio and DIE! Because as an adult if I commit suicide, people will think I am a coward…or a brave one :)) or crazy…but I’m fine with all that….Nobody will miss me anyway… I always talk about death, but I never actually take any action about it…well, maybe this time I will…I don’t deserve to be alive, I can’t even hold my work place….how can I explain this to my parents…

It’s normal to make a mistake, but not react like that! It’s not like I talked to steal the work itself or sell it! I was just asking for some advice! I was stupid to think I can help when in fact YOU DON’T WANT to be helped! Well, fine! Get me out of there and let’s see who will work like that for you…and who will talk in English this good and who will befriend the customers and whoever the hell needs to be with us!

This is just a small part of my thoughts on this matter, what I keep inside me is much more worse than this…

I cried, sworn and killed you 3 times already in my head, but that’s all in my head, it has no meaning.

I hope things will get back to normal, if not, then nice meeting you and I will keep my end of the bargain and finish one book to translate and then take them away….


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