Hmmm…you say you want me and love me, yet you call me only when it’s convenient for you…. Why would I answer such a call? Nobody wants me for I am…they all prey on me… I HATE IT!!!!

Well then, I suppose it’s time for me to step on it and try to regain control of my life as this will not work out! 🙂

I need to be myself and NEVER AGAIN doubt myself. I am a normal person, with normal ambitions and I will not stop until I find my own pace. Everything is clear now: I do not need a man to make feel ok or to make me feel loved. I do have friends that constantly remind me that I am AWESOME! In what way I am, that, I do not know. Yet, I will try and fight my own demons and conquer them.

NOBODY can save me now, only I am the answer.

So for now, I know what to do! 🙂


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