I have finally what I want: a steady job with a wonderful manager, a lovely guy who understands me and wants to see me smiling all the time and technology! This I have to thank my manager, for she trusts me with a lovely 10′ tablet and it has a cover with keyboard on usb.
It is a lovely week and I feel happier than ever! I feel like I could fly!
This I remember it forever and the only thing that stands in my way is my laziness. But I will defeat it,soon!
I promise myself to see myself for who I am: and that is an introvert who likes to watch animes and read mangas and stories and never go out. I have nothing to fear!
I have to work harder toward my final goal: to pass my final exams and then I can be proud of myself.
But this is it for today. I promise to write everyday from now on.

Be happy, SMILE!


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