Good Morning!

This morning I have decided to not let anthing and anyone to ruin my day!
I am going to be lazy, but first, I need my dose of coffee!!! After which I will go back to bed and lay there between my blankets and watch my favorite tv series: ELEMENTARY!

The last week and weekend has been awesome! Za Kittehn is lovely! I have admitted to him my love and he just smiled back and kissed me… How can I not love such a man?! He is one of a kind….[insert GD video ‘One Of A Kind’] 😀 ❤

If only my stupid brain could get his wheels working on that text and finish it! Then, the workload I have for my manager to help her to her master, then ALL would be AWESOME and set in place!
Eh! I will finish it, whether I want to or not, I HAVE TO! Because the Kittehn will be mad or upset…. and I don't want to see my Kittehn sad… 😀

Ok, see ya later! I will update with another post ! Maybe even from my workplace 😀 Tonight I work the USA shift…bleaaah…. Americans are not so friendly….as the Britts are 😀 😛 or maybe is just my imagination 😀

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