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So, I’m sitting here, watching the people around me and I realise…that everyone is running toward some place to reach. And I’m here asking myself: Where are they going to? What is the rush? Why is everyone so quick to finish things or to judge?
Today is Black Friday, here, in Romania and everyone is crazy about the prices that had gone down, since everything was very expensive, now it looks cheaper. So, what do you wish for this Christmas?
I’m simple minded and I only want money. 😀 Well, I have plenty of presents to receive and to give as well. Not really…actually I will get a present for my manager and my Kitten. And…maybe my friends…and these friends are a sister and another girlfriend….
Hopefully, I get the money I want so I can get what I want for me and for my family….
I don’t know what to get for my father and mother… I think I will buy them some wallets… my Dad is always rumbling about how he doesn’t have a proper wallet in his jacket. And Mom, hmmm, Mother is another trouble. I
I guess another wallet would be fine for her as well.
Now, now, see ya later, and have a  good day!

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