Cannot stop….reading!

This is crazy! I started the week set to get my studies on the go, but then again I find myself reading romance novels with rating not for kids. So, I read, and read and read…and my eyes are glued to my tablet. I figured if I try and let my thoughts run around the net a little, I will calm down a little. Well, damn I be, it’s not working at all! All I think about are the romantic scenes, the exquisite places and cities and most importantly: HIM! I imagine the two of us are the main characters in every book and every scene. This is crazy, this is just me being hungry for him and this is me falling HARD and FAST, like never before.
Now what?!
Well, now, I will continue my reading, and hopefully I finish 2000 pages to read by the start of next week, otherwise, my life will be ruined. (This because I still need to become independent from my parents, with whom I still live.)
So, without further ado, I continue to read. And next week I’m done playing. I have to come back to my senses!
SOMEBODY STOP ME! (as the famous Mask character always said when he traded places with his inner crazy self.)

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