One day in my routine

Woke up at 8 AM and went to the kitchen to get my coffee with my mom. There was also my dad who was eating some cheese with bread and drinking a cup of tea. He was angry because me and my mom smoke a lot and he doesn’t like the smell, plus it is very hard to hear ourselves when the hood is so damn loud. Well, anyway, so we had our coffee and smokes and then I went back to my room, from where I am writing this and I feel very good about myself.
The only thing I hate about myself is that I am soooooo laaaaaazyyyy….. as I should be doing my homework on my Japanese course and the English literature as well.
Oh well, the weekend is near and I really want to finish my work for my sister. You know, she gave me something to work on and I must deliver it by the end of today.
Farewell, I will note more here, a tad later.


Posted by 死の天使


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