History through….

…the eyes of an old lady….

I met her on the street…and kindly asked her if she allows me to take her picture. She was shy at first, but I told her she should not be afraid of anything, as I want to show the world the reality of our society nowadays. So I took a few pictures of her and then I stayed and talked over 20 minutes with her. She told me she has kids but because they are different they cannot fnd any work. Then she told me  she is 90 years old and that her father has survived the WWI and I was like a little kid gawking at her story…

I would havee stayed longer if it weren’t for my stomach when it started to growl and announce me of its hunger.


So this is a goood deed I did today. The deed was that I stayed and talked with an old woman who has seen history change in time. The REAL deed is that I helped a young man cross over the street after I picked him up from the middle of the street where he was laying waiting for the cars to run him over. Except, it did not! I helped him over and during this time the passers by were just watching and they did nothing. Plus the cars were honking and I wanted to let them know a piece of my mind…. But I left them alone and turn back to the guy laying there.

In the end, I got him accross the street and everything was ok. Then the priest came over and talked with him. Then the poor guy went again in the middle of the street passing and another guy went over to get him out of there. It was a sight to see… But most people were just watching, doing nothing. I got pissed at some dudes that were munching something in their bellies while watching the entire show develop before their eyes and they did NOTHING!!!! I can’t believe it!!!!

People are indeed MONSTERS! People are indeed BAD and the DEVILS ARE PEOPLE! Because you cannot be called a human being once you see something like this and let it slide. So what if the person was a drunk or a homeless individual, you get there and HELP him/her no matter what!

That’s what I did and that’s what I’ll do in the future! 🙂DSC_0037.JPG

The old grandma whose father has seen the WWI!


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