The truth is…

…that you never loved me and you never respected me!

And I was stupid enough to fall for your trap and I became your prey…

The good thing is, I had fun and I got to visit someplace else.

But that is the ONLY good thing.


When you love someone, you DO NOT CALL THEM NAMES & YOU DO NOT INVOLVE the parents!

Words are meaningless now, but I want to say only this:


GOOD RIDDANCE & MAY YOU FIND THE LOVE IN YOUR DREAMS, because you were hers in the first place and I was just a game!

I am not mad for this, I only am sorry for letting you have your way with me and letting you DISRESPECT my family, but most importantly, my MOTHER!

No worries, KARMA knows how to do her job!

You are a liar, a selfish little child and a spoiled little BRAT!

You never were a man, as a man never lets his woman feel unwanted or DISRESPECTED!


Have a nice life with your cryings and your whinning your little SAD EMO LIFE!

Whinny little BITCH!


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