My message is not violent, but in a violent way
I make myself heard in a violent environment today
You got a low I. Q. and you’re happy
You and me is like me and a monkey.


Is curious, scandalous, don’t be so furious
Life is a bad joke, don’t take it serious
When I feel myself double-crossed, not lost
Nothing can make me swallow my words.

And the bad joke was on me, but I got over it so I decided to lose myself in work and movies.

When at work, nothing can be on my mind and all the bad and evil and ugly will be left outside on the doorstep.

Nothing can touch me! Only my work is important to me right now and anything else is … unimportant! This means that everything I feel or hear, or say about different things must not touch my nerves.

This means that my WORK is very important and I will not leave that place so I will concentrate to have the best results.

This is a promise to myself: DO NOT, WILL NOT let anyone mess with my head!

I let a bastard mess me up good and now I risk loosing my job.

I will not let this go on.

My mind is clear now and I will not think about the past anymore.

The present is all that matters. The NOW is a must to be lived!

The joke was on me, but I got through it and I will never trust a man as I did before.

He will have to prove to me that he is worthy of my trust! 🙂



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