Wishlist – to be fulfilled soon

  1.  First and foremost – I want to become better at my workplace.
  2.  I want to have the chance to say the things I really want to say to you – za Smurf
  3.  I want to stop being afraid of people.
  4.  I want to go wherever you go
  5.  I want to know if I mean something to you – do you want to help me so you can feel better or do you sincerely want me next to you wherever you are?
  6.  I want to be more positiv about things
  7.  I want to be happier and smile more often
  8.  I want to have you all for myself
  9.  I want you to be healthy and strong
  10.  I want to love you and stay beside you no matter what.

These are my first set of wishes and as you can see they all involve you.

I do not know what you think or feel about me but I really hope and I want with all my heart to see my fairy tale with a happy ending…

I do not dream of impossible things. I only want to know – should I stay or should I go?

This means I wil have to ask you again the question: do you want to have me with you there and this is why you want to help me go there, or do you simply want to feel good because you did a good deed?

All this I have to say to you.

What would you say to me after all this time?

To be honest, I still have some feelings left in there…and they are meant for you…

My question is : should I feed them and grow them or should I starve them and let them die?

You know it is very easy to kill, but not to forget.

My most inner self says to ask you directly and call you and be aggressive, but that is not my style…or rather it is but not anymore because you might be scared and then run away from me again.

My inner voice says to call you and talk to you…

Should I stay or should I go?


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