Thank you

I want to thank everyone who has been with me until now.

My parents first of all, without them I could not be alibe, much less be here where I am today. Thank you Mother and thank you Father for understanding me and for keeping me next to you.

My dearest sister, because without you I could not have evolved to become a better person and learn to save up money and become a little more economical.

My friends…those who really stayed beside when I was at my lowest… thank you for your never ending support and for your advice. You people are the reason I could cope with when my reality came crashing down on me.

Special thans to all the men that were beside me…good or bad, you were all experiences I will never forget.

This I felt to write down today, because I feel I may never find the time and courage to tell you all how I feel.

My love is not for sale, but little pieces of me I’m sure they stayed with you.

My mind is running like crazy right now, not sure why, but one thing I know for certain: I have evolved and I am now a better person. Although sometimes I can hardly remember a good thing about myself, you all are here to continually remind me to love myself more. 

For all this, I say Thank you!!!


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