Truth & Lies…

…or how can you target someone and then abandon them.

First, you need great eyes, then you need a perfect model body, then you need to be with many books read in your CV, otherwise you will not know how to sweet talk anyone.

Secondly, words. Words, people, are the MOST powerful things in the world. You can cheer someone up or you can bring them to their knees. In which case you must be a DOM, and the other person must be a SUB and you have total trust in each other.

Third but not the last one ingredient – is how to target the one you subdue: simple – you take them out to sweet talk them and no, God forbid, you will NOT subdue them. You are looking for something serious…

The next day, when the predator has finished enjoying the feast, he trashes what’s left of them and acts as if nothing had happened.

Conclussion: NEVER trust a good looking person (man/woman) who can sweet talk you buy you a coffee or a chocolate and then says they want to have a serious relationship with you.

Most likely they will be SERIOUS about SEX and that’s about it. People like that disgust me…they pretend to be adults, when in fact they are just some hot blooded teenagers and they just want some release and nothing more.

And when they find you, expect them to trash you when they’re done!


BEWARE & NEVER TRUST the internet!!!!!


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