….I never thought I would feel this way again…but then you came along and made all the bad things go away…

I know it’s not much, I know I don’t say the magical words…YET! . . .  but I do have feelings for you …and  I will surprise you when you least expect it… just as you did for me..when you came into my life… :* :* :*

I want to thank your parents for giving life to you.. I want to thank your mother for raising such a lovely, handsome and well-mannered man. A real an who knows how to appreciate a woman. Not all those kiddies who do not know what purpose they have in life.

We both suffered greatly but we found each other and we will live, love and die together.

I want to hug all day long, to stay in your arms, to see your baby blues all the time, to feel your warmth beside me… To stay with you and never let you out again.


My BaBy Blu3 ❤ ❤ ❤P_20161224_213007_BF.jpg


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