1st day – 2017

of our story…

We came back home from the party and changed into pajamas and went to bed.

As we fell asleep we hugged each other and the hot embrace and his beating heart kept me awake. I could not resist to make love to you my BaBy Blue, and as I am writing now, I am reliving those wonderful moments… The way you make me feel, the way you touch me and kiss me… I do not want anyone else, I am forever yours and you are forever mine.

Love is our stamp and our trademark as we launch in this year with passionate, fiery lovemaking and the final call is on both of us as we finish and release our [ent=up stress and all emotions flow out of both of us…

We fell asleep one more time and as soon as we rested our heads on the pillows, my phone rang and mommy wished me the best year to be this one and to be as happy as I am right now. I thanked her and informed her that I will soon come home.

After my mother ended the call, I asked my precious to ask his mommy when will she be back to take me back home. She soon came home, we greeted each for this year and off we went to grab a coffee and smoke the last 4 cigarettes from 2016. As we ended the smokes and the coffee went away, we talked about our future prospects. I am more determined than I ever was before to never let my precious alone and to become the best version I can be.

I do not want to feel alone, sad, lonely or unwanted ever again… With my precious I will never feel this and all I know alongside him is pure, innocent love and pure passion. He is truy meant to be for me and he is indeed the chosen one…

I will divulge something very personal here: I had my first orgasm in 28 years!!!! He managed to do that!!! No other man has ever done that!! And I have known men of all dfferent ages but none of them could bring on the brink of pure madness and passion and pleasure; ALL at ONCE!! How to say thi: NONE has given it to me the way my precious does!


For all of this and much more, I want to stay yours forever and you to stay mine forever

There is no need to panic, I am not going to cheat, lie or destroy you. I just want you to understand the way my feelings work and the way my head works as well. In my head, the main obsession has gone away and all I have there are the images of my first night of intense pleasure, spent with you, my precious…

Your Andra


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