2nd – 3rd January

I woke up filled with dark energy and I had a fight with my mother.
I tried to calm down and so I wento my room and ate something I had found in the fridge.

I did not eat with the entire family at lunch as we are not a normal family; we are special and each and everyone eats whenever and wherever they are or when the hunger starts.

So today on the 2nd I did not see my BaBy Blu3, but I hope on the 3rd I will see him…

In any case, today I got my first day at work after almost 1 month of rest. And as soon as I arrived, only 3 hours passed and I placed an order. It is awesome as I start the working year with abundance in money. This year should be a good year in both personal and professional aspects of my life.


On the third of January I met with my BaBy Blue and had a coffee and a smoke in the public garden, a park where everyone goes in the morning to jog or run.

It was a short hour that I spent with him but it was lovely and I wish I could fulfill his every whim just to know that he will ALWAYS be mine!

I do not think I can bear another loss, another heart break… I will lose my mind if aything happens… But lucky me, nothing like that will happen.

Now, back to the main story:

As I was saying, after we had our coffee, he took me home and I went to have coffee with my mother and then I went to sleep. When I woke up I played some games after I had lunch. I got beaten everytime, but then I got the first win of the day.

Of course, trouble did find me: my laptop almost crashed and I got mad because of it, but lucky me, at the end of the day, it went back up and my BaBy Blu3 repaired it remotely.

We played some more and then we went to sleep.

Thanks for reading (if there are any people who read this, I appreciate your interest in my writings).




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