4th of January

Started of with text messages for my mom and BaBy Blu3 to wake them both. My mom was asleep as she was very tired and my love was not feeling well…

The day is still on and I have to make up a plan to take my thoughts off negative energy but I keep thinking of my love and I get insecure… Why do I feel this when I have such strong feelings for him? Is it because he is afraid to let me in? Is it because I am afraid of another loss? Or is it because I started to fall deeply in love, but this time I know it’s for real because I do not see the bad parts of anyone and I cannot think to harm anyone anymore…

But what about you, my Love, do you feel the same? Do you dream of me and do you think of me the same way I think of you: first thing in the morning and the last thought I have before I go to sleep is remembering your smiling face with your baby blue eyes…. Your eyes, your kiss, your embrace give me color and give me the power to go on.

You have no idea how much you have improved my life, you give meaning to my entire being. I just hope I am the same to you. I do not want to change you, I do not want to change anything in you… I just want you to know how I feel and I want you to show me your way of loving.

Some days are hard and ice-cold, but some days are easy as a breeze and hot like the sun…

I want to experience with you all these kinds of days and I will not leave your side, no matter what.

Just know I am always here!


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