7th -15th January

A resume: so first we fight, then I cry, then he gets depressed and then he tells me he keeps me for sex and then he regrets it.

Then he comes to me and tells me he wants me forever and that he will never say those things. I do not believe him at first, I block him, I delete him from everywhere, EXCEPT my HEART! Because you CANNOT delete someone from your heart, they are not text messages or pictures. 🙂




One of the hardest things in life is to keep going on when everything is crashing around you…. This is how I cope..by being obsessed and by being perseverent with the feelings I have inside.

You cannot change what you have for someone just because they treat you once or twice, the wrong way… if you do that, then it was not TRUE love. 🙂

In my case, I was ready to give up, but then the light sparked and it hit me hard: why give up, see what is going on and hear the other side of the story…so I did… and I came back..because the sun shines brighter and the world seems a better place when you have someone to  talk to…

If I cry now, it is because I am finally happy and I am afraid that everything might crash again….but I am willing to fight until my last breath… I will not give up so easily…

This week has been one hell of a week: one day hot, one cold and so on and so forth…but, now I know that because we’re humans we’re prone to mistakes and we ought to understand each other.

Love cannot be spoken, cannot be shown, only FELT.

The feeling cannot be described; it is something beyond this world, something beyond our comprehension. We are merely humans and we must live our lives to their fullest as we do not know when it might all end.

Today, I saw you and it filled my heart with pride and joy.
Because you are my light, my shining star, my twinkle little Blu3 Star ❤

I love you!P_20170115_113611_BF.jpg


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