16th-20th January

An amazing week started with an amazing evening!
Filled with love and passion and then the week got on with extreme stress, but that is bound to happen when you work a night shft for 12 hours, no?

Anyway, all fades away when I talk to my honey and when I see him….eveything seems to melt away… I can stand the cold also, because he sets me on fire….

My daily routine is off the charts whenever I think of him… You, my darling are my reality check and anchor. 🙂

Though you are the dreamer, I stay awake, for your sake. 🙂

Anyway, this week has been an adventure because although I did not see you too much, I went through hell at work. :))

Hopefully this weekend will be a better one than this week has been.

Oh, and I forgot to mention: I am VERY PROUD of YOU my HONEY!! :*
yes, because you are an excellent student with high grades! You are awesome and I adore you and I hope to stay with you til you get tired of me. :)) 😛 (hopefully that day will never come) :))


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